SSS Day 3: Narayan, Kumar, Kalwani, Ahuja among title winners

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Yesterday wrapped up another day of the Spartan Super Series (SSS) on Spartan Poker. With exciting prize money and a massive series guarantee of INR 4.7+ Crores, so far, the tournaments have been crammed with several hopefuls, and the previous night was even more incredible! And here is a quick summary of SSS Day 3

SSS Event #13 INR 60 Lakh GTD

With the lowest buy-in of INR 110, the first tournament attracted 615 players. As usual, the guarantee was surpassed creating a prize pool of INR 61,500. The top 39 places received a share from the same but the player taking away the biggest chunk was Badri Narayan aka ‘Dontwantbadbeat’ carrying the largest stack and settling for a 5-way deal. Narayan added INR 9,120 to his poker bankroll. He was closely followed by ‘MR.BEAST’ managing to take home INR 8,227.

SSS Event #15 Afternoon Hi-Fi INR 3 Lakhs GTD

Are you missing the Afternoon Showdown? Well, Event #14 was cut out of the list and the players straightaway jumped to Afternoon Hi-Fi. This time the buy-in increased to become INR 1,100 yet a good field of 301 entries was observed. The prize pool was shared among the 24 top places with each receiving a min-cash of INR 3,010. Powering through the field was ‘rockynockals’ attaching a valuable title to his name.

In Level #36, blinds at 7,000/14,000 ante 1,750, 3 players enter the final hand, ‘rockynockals’ (3d Kd) with 1.2 million chips, ‘potripper16’ (Js 3h) with 813k chips and ‘varonir’ (9d Th) with 150k chips. Preflop, ‘potripper16’ folds while ‘varonir’ puts his entire stack in the middle and a call of 134k from ‘rockynockals’. Board opens Ad 4s Kc 5d 6h, ‘rockynockals’ shows King pair over ‘varonir’ Ace high. The tournament saw a 2-way deal in the end with ‘rockynockals’ carrying the larger stack and taking away the first-place prize money!

SSS Event #16 INR 2.25 Lakh GTD

Powering through the field to grab his second title after already emerging victorious in SSS Event #7, Monish Kumar aka ‘Monish1965’ came out with flying colors. With a buy-in of INR 770, a total number of 326 players entered which eventually surpassed the guarantee and a prize pool of INR 2.2 Lakh was drawn to be shared among the top 27 places, each receiving a min-cash of INR 2,282. The final hand saw a 2-way deal. With Kumar carrying the larger stack and winning the tournament, pushing ‘goose_core’ in the runner-up position. Gutshot got in touch with the champion who expressed, "It feels extremely good and boosts my spirit for more grinding."

SSS Event #17 Destiny 12.0 INR 35 Lakh GTD

Every Wednesday Spartan Poker hosts Destiny, and this is the second tournament of the new edition, Destiny 12.0. The Wednesday featured tournament attracted 767 players, each chipping in INR 5,500. Claiming the first-place prize money was Shaan Kalwani aka ‘shaankalwani’ who battled for 8-long hours, taking his seat in the SnG Destiny Finale. The final hand of the tournament saw a 4-way deal with Kalwani carrying the largest stack adding a valuable title to his poker career. Read more about the tournament and what the runner-up had to say in our Wednesday Roundup.

SSS Event #18 Hi-Fi INR 8 Lakh GTD

Any active player would know India's leading poker pro Ashish Ahuja playing as ‘Spewushhhiiiii’ who emerged victorious in yesterday’s final tournament, Hi-Fi. The last event enticed 588 players with each chipping in INR 1,650 buy-in. As usual, the guarantee was surpassed to create a higher prize pool which was shared among the top 54 places, each receiving a min-cash of INR 3,969. Ahuja beat Devashish Mathur aka ‘debumathur’ in heads-up.

In Level #44, blinds at 21,000/42,000 ante 5,250. In the final hand of the tournament, Ahuja (9c As) enters with 3 million chips against Mathur (Th Ks) with 449k chips. Pre-flop, both players put their entire stack in the middle. The board runs 2c 8s 2h 5c 7h, both players hit a pair of twos in the board and Ahuja holding Ace kicker wins the tournament.

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