New poker platform Pocket52 enters the scene

Posted On 24 Dec, 2018 0

Online poker in India is a competitive affair, with big names spearheading the industry and plenty of mid-level platforms also gradually rising above in the industry. The overall online gaming industry is growing rapidly, locally as well as worldwide.

In times like these, there is a new kid on the block called Pocket52. It’s a start-up company based in Bangalore which was founded by four friends – IIT-Bombay grad Nitesh Salvi, Saurav Suman, Debashish Bhattacharjee and Satyam Verma. Pocket52 went live just this December, having inaugurated its offices in the heart of the IT City in September this year.

In a recent development, they have received an undisclosed amount as seed funding from the early-stage venture capital firm called Speciale Invest. They also saw Abhigya Sagar and Pranjal Batra, both accomplished poker players, investing in Pocket52, along with other astute entrepreneurs coughing up some investment.

Pocket52 boasts a completely in-house ‘Cryptographically secured Random Number Generator (RNG)’, which they claim to “revolutionize the trust levels in the poker players of our country and beyond”. They have dubbed this the ‘RNG+’, which they created back in June this year.

The Founder and CEO of Pocket52, Salvi, has accumulated previous experience in start-ups. His first edu-tech venture Plancess was acquired by Career Point Group, Kota, back in mid-2017. His main inspiration for entering the poker world was to improve the existing experience players had with the help of data and machine learning.

Arjun Rao, General Partner of Speciale Invest commented on the development, saying “We are excited to support Pocket52 in their vision.  Their vision to bring technological innovations to the Indian online gaming sector. Of course, poker is their first game. They have a strong product differentiation around the game-play. Their integrity levels, fairness and high-quality player engagement, strengthens our confidence in them.

Founder of Speciale Invest, Vishesh Rajaram also added to Rao’s comments, saying “The growth rate of the Indian online poker gaming industry is very high. It is a land of opportunities. Pocket52 has taken the technological lead in this space and we are happy to be a part of their growth journey.

Receiving funding this early is a clear indication of the amount of preparation and study gone into understanding the Indian online poker market and they’ll be looking forward to phenomenal success in the coming time.

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