Gokul Krishna wins first live title at BPT 20k Bounty Event

Posted On 15 Oct, 2019 0

It was a busy day at the Baazi Poker Tour (BPT) yesterday as the final day of the series saw three tournaments coming to an end and three winners being declared. The most popular of these had to be the 50k Main Event which crowned Bharat Kumar as champion, winning his first live title and also a career-best cash prize.

Here too, we had Gokul Krishna who emerged victorious in the very popular Bounty tournament, also taking home his maiden live poker title. The 37-year-old co-founder of Emerald Poker Tour (EPT) is a regular at live events in India but this will surely be one of his most memorable days in the sport.

It was some really intense competition as the Final Table went on for more than six hours, after Gangadhar Raaj held the overnight chip lead. Krishna himself eliminated Raaj in third place, the former then entering heads-up against Rachita Salla (pictured below), another lesser known poker player and the last-standing female player in the tournament.

Talking about this victory, he told the reporting team, "I have been having quite a few deep runs but was not able to close out earlier. Feels good to finally do it. Closing it in BPT is even special as Vikram (Vikram Kumar), and Navi (Navkiran Singh) are very close friends. My wife (Suni Sunder) always keeps trolling me that she has a title, and I don’t. Now she can’t do it!”

Final Table Results:

  1. Gokul Krishna - INR 5,16,000 (Includes 6 Bounties)
  2. Rachita Salla - INR 3,79,200 (Includes 6 Bounties)
  3. Gangadhar Raaj - INR 3,15,600 (Includes 11 Bounties)
  4. Ritwick Khanna - INR 1,72,200 (Includes 2 Bounties)
  5. Yuvraj Singh - INR 1,74,200 (Includes 6 Bounties)
  6. Gurukumar G - INR 1,91,400 (Includes 10 Bounties)
  7. Sudeep Godara - INR 95,900 (Includes 2 Bounties)
  8. Vivek Rughani - INR 1,50,800 (Includes 9 Bounties)
  9. Vinayak Bajaj - INR 1,05,500 (Includes 6 Bounties)
  10. Aayush Agarwal - INR 43,300 (Includes 1 Bounty)

The 20k PLO tournament also came to an end a short while later and you can get all updates from that tournament on GutshotMagazine.com, so stay tuned.

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