First Mega Freeze, now Mega Stack for Rubin Labroo

Posted On 19 Jun, 2019 0

Mega Freeze is Spartan Poker's Monday featured tournament played in the freezeout format and Rubin Labroo won that tournament last week. This week, he decided to win the Tuesday featured tournament, Mega Stack INR 12 Lakh GTD, completing the victory last night for a handsome bankroll addition.

For those who don't know, Labroo is one of India's best online poker players and is better known by his screen name 'kornkid' which he uses across most of the platforms. Last night, he participated in Mega Stack and won it too, adding yet another feather to his cap, along with INR 2,21,824 in prize money.

It was a full house last night on Spartan Poker as a total field of 409 entries registered to Mega Stack to pass the guarantee and create an inflated prize pool of INR 12.27 Lakh. This was then distributed among the top 31 finishers of the night, each being paid out a minimum cash prize of INR 10,797.

As for Labroo, he had eyes on nothing but first place. Last week it was Monday's feature, this week Tuesday and who knows, he may go after Wednesday's Destiny tournament next week! He slashed through the field last night which included some of India's top pros and eventually, Labroo struck a 3-way deal to end the tournament.

The final hand occurred when Labroo was up against 'Irish House' in an exciting pot. With K9, Irish House limped on the SB. Labross raised 3.8x with 10d 2d and got a call. On the 9 2 2 flop, Labroo bet 30% even though he completed Trips and got a call again. Labroo bet 60% on the Q turn and got a call yet again. An Ace opened on the River and Irish House checked, Labroo jammed and received a call to see Nines and Twos losing to Three of a Kind.

An immediate deal was struck among the remaining three players, including 'Skullkikker' who received INR 1,76,720 for finishing second as per chip stacks. 'brahmos999' was also in the mix, someone who folded pre-flop in that final hand, and he ended third on the night, bagging INR 1,58,881 for his run.

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