9stacks releases poker rap song 'Hustle Hai'

Posted On 29 Mar, 2019 0

With the funding 9stacks received in the latter half of last year, the company has put it to good use by investing in potentially profitable channels when it comes to social media marketing. Sudhir Kamath, CEO of 9stacks, mentioned to us in an exclusive interview back in January last year that the company wants to 'build [its] business around retention rather than acquisition,' and seems like it has adhered to its principles till now, creating an attractive poker company over the months with a good range of offerings.

Recently, the company teamed up with Dependent Artists, a rap duo based in Mumbai, to create a poker-centric rap video called 'Hustle Hai'. With Zoya Akhtar-directed Gully Boy witnessing great popularity, especially among the young audience of the country, 'Hustle Hai' couldn't be any more perfect in its timing.

The music video features Jizzy and Talha from Dependent Artists. The duo rose to fame after their work with The Viral Fever and Screenpatti, both fairly popular YouTube content houses. The video also features Ahsaas Channa of TVF, My Friend Ganesha and Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna fame. Jasmeet Singh aka 'Jizzy' is a popular actor who features in a lot of sketches produced by TVF and Screenpatti. Talha Siddiqui aka 'Talha' is a 'middle ground rapper' who writes screenplays and creates rap songs which represent reality in a humorous way.

The song is rebellious in its approach and constantly talks about how life is a hustle for everyone, from someone who just got a message from her boss that she has to work this Sunday to a guy who gets a text from his girlfriend reminding him of her birthday and the expected gift just to find that he doesn't have a single penny in his wallet to pay for it. The beats of the song are groovy and will appeal to teenagers who are high on the recent surge of underground rap in the country and especially on the streets of Mumbai.

Finally, here's the complete 'Hustle Hai' video released on 9stacks YouTube channel:

Some iconic lines from the video include 'Motivation dedo bhaiyya muje karre dm. Aankhe khol wagonR wale bannre CM [alluding to Kejriwal]', 'Jo bhi moment tu jee raha hai kar Carpe Diem'. And with these lines, 9stacks has seized the day, at least in the online poker market for now. Keep reading GutshotMagazine.com for more such Indian poker industry news and for related news from around the world.

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